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2023 Roof Repair Rally

Coming together to build stronger, safer communities. 

Last year's Roof Repair Rally was so successful we are doing it again! 

Help us repair 30 roofs!

Your support will go towards... Building new homes locally! Check out three of our newest

For 4 years Sea Island Habitat for Humanity (SIHH) has been steadily growing its Critical Home Repair Program to address the ongoing need in the community for safe and affordable housing. Through roof, door, window, and accessibility repair projects, SIHH has completed almost 400 critical repairs on owner-occupied houses. 100% of these repairs have been for those living at or below the poverty level and 85% have been for senior citizens allowing them to safely age in place. 


However, the waiting list of applications has grown steadily due to immense community need. In addition, the impacts of Covid-19 created significant delays with a partial shutdown of operations in 2020, an 85% decrease in volunteers, and a steep increase in lumber and material costs.


The most pressing needs are related to actively leaking and structurally unsound roofs. In order to address this critical problem, Sea Island Habitat has created a Roof Repair Rally to complete 30 roof repairs and replacements before the end of the year. Habitat needs to raise $300,000 in funding to make this a reality; $223,000 has already been committed by donors. SIHH also plans to partner with local builders and roofers as well as individual volunteers.


“The repair has been a godsend. We feel safer in here. I don’t have to worry about the rain and thinking about the roof collapsing on me and my family. It’s been a peace of mind and really been a true blessing. If you’re able to be a blessing to someone else, please do. Because there are people out there who really need the help and you’re going to change someone’s life. You’re going to help someone like myself be able to maintain their home.” – Kearisha, Veteran, Roof Repair Recipient


In 2021, Sea Island Habitat completed its first Roof Repair Rally which drastically cut down on our waiting list by completing 31 roof repairs. There are currently 78 homeowners still waiting on a roof repair and many more waiting on other types of qualifying repairs. Only homes already on the application waiting list can be considered for the Roof Repair Rally. Community members with the ability to support the Roof Repair Rally can contact or donate using the DONATE button below!

To support our 2023 Roof Repair Rally please consider donating.

Please Donate Now

Families who partner with us build their own homes alongside volunteers, pay an affordable mortgage and are grateful for your help.
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