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Whole House Donor

Whether you are an individual or a business, you may have the ability to make a difference for a family one-on-one. Making the decision to financially sponsor an entire home (Whole House gift) or the land upon which a home will be built (Adopt-a-Lot) can be one of the most rewarding financial decisions you can make.

Whole House Gifts are when you decide to sponsor the entire cost of a Sea Island Habitat home. In 2012, this sponsorship is 65,000. We encourage you to express your interest in this to our Director of Development, so she can personally answer your questions and demonstrate how meaningful a gift this would be for our organization and the families we serve.

As a Whole House sponsor, you will have the option to select the recipient of the home from a list of approved families. You also may be involved as much or as little as you wish in the construction of the home. Appropriate recognition will be made for this gift.

Adopt-a-Lot donors are people or businesses that want to make a significant contribution to our homebuilding efforts. This sponsorship is $5,000 and helps us offset the rising costs of land and infrastructure. As the Adopt-a-Lot sponsor, your gift will be applied to a specific family’s home and you have the option to meet work alongside them on their home.

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