Deconstruction, the ultimate in recycling

Deconstruction is the removal of reusable building items to be sold at the Sea Island Habitat ReStore. Deconstruction reduces the amount of usable materials into landfills and provides affordable materials for renovation and smaller-scale construction projects.

Whether you’re managing a kitchen or bath remodeling or a home demolition, our deconstruction team can save you time and money by handling the deconstruction and removal of building materials and accessories. And, the resale value of items removed is fully tax deductible.

For more information on our deconstruction services, please call our ReStore at 843-559-4009 or email

How our deconstruction team benefits you and our community

Our deconstruction project manager and trained team will save your project time and money. We

  • offer a variety of services to fit your needs,
  • carefully remove building materials that can be salvaged for resale in the Sea Island Habitat ReStore, saving you costly trips to the landfill,
  • are fully insured,
  • leave the site clean daily, and
  • provide documentation for your tax records.

You help your community by supporting us to:

  • generate funds to build Sea Island Habitat for Humanity homes,
  • reduce landfill materials generated by remodeling and demolition projects, and
  • provide affordable building supplies to the public.

What can be removed for resale?

  • windows, doors, doorknobs,
  • toilets, sinks, vanities, tubs, faucets, fixtures,
  • kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances,
  • paneling, molding, trim, flooring,
  • light fixtures (interior & exterior),
  • HVAC units, water heaters,
  • and more.

Join our deconstruction team

This is one of our most interesting volunteer opportunities and can be as simple as unscrewing a cabinet or as complex as dismantling a whole house. Our supervisors will train you on the job and ensure that you understand what you are doing.

Deconstructions are often scheduled close to the actual dates and we need a list of people who may be able come with little lead-time. Sign up to be on our list and we will let you know when a deconstruction is planned, understanding that many of the dates might not work for you.

Contact Matt (843.559.4009, or Liv (843.442.3847 or if you have questions.